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14 Sept 2023

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If you’ve been a resident of Sandakan for some time🏠, you’re likely familiar with Fried Pok Hor Fun🍜. The most renowned places to enjoy this dish are at the Sandakan Central Market’s 3rd floor🏢 and at Bandar Utama (IJM)🏬. Recently, however, I discovered a third location in Taman Tyng, nestled within the 88 Food Street restaurant🍽️. Rumour has it that their Fried Pok Hor Fun rivals that of the Central Market stall🥇. Today, I had the opportunity to put this claim to the test🔍. I ordered their signature Fried Pok Hor Fun (RM8.00)💰. The portion was just right and the taste was truly delightful😋. The fried pork was sweet and the soup was flavorful🍲. As is customary, they included a few pieces of fried dough stick, which added a crispy texture when mixed with the soup🥖. Depending on your preference, you can ask for more of these dough sticks.The owners shared that they start preparing the soup early in the morning⏰ and let it cook for several hours before serving it to customers👥. They open at 7:00 am and close at 2:00 pm⌚, but be warned - they sometimes close early if they run out of Hor Fun. 如果你在山打根居住了一段时间🏠,你可能对古早炸肉河粉🍜很熟悉。这道菜最知名的地方是山打根中央市场的三楼🏢以及Bandar Utama (IJM)🏬。然而,最近我在Taman Tyng发现了第三个地点,位于88美食街餐厅内🍽️。有传言说他们的古早炸肉河粉可以与中央市场的摊位相媲美🥇。今天,我有机会测试这个说法🔍。我点了他们的招牌古早炸肉河粉(RM8.00)💰。份量刚刚好,味道真的很好😋。它的炸肉是甜甜的,汤也很美味🍲。按照惯例,他们加了几块油条🥖,口感酥脆。将油条混在汤里吃也不会有违背感。因此我通常会求多加一些油条。他们会在清晨开始准备汤⏰,并让它煮几个小时才供客人享用👥。他们早上7点开门,下午2点关门⌚,但是要提醒你 - 如果他们的、河粉卖完了,他们就会提前关门。

Ah Yeh Fried Pork Hor Fun Taman Tyng

Ah Yeh Fried Pork Hor Fun (since June 2020)

Recently, I was fortunate enough to engage in a conversation with the owners of the stall🗣️. They opened up about their journey, sharing the trials and triumphs they’ve experienced since launching their business💼. In June 2020, right in the midst of the global pandemic😷, they took a leap of faith and started this modest stall. It was a daunting endeavour, especially given the uncertain circumstances surrounding the pandemic. However, they faced these challenges head-on with resilience and determination💪. Despite the initial hurdles, they managed not only to keep their business afloat but also to thrive amidst adversity💼. Their dedication to providing quality food and service did not go unnoticed👀. Over time, they garnered a loyal customer base and gained popularity among the local communities👥. Their story is a testament to their perseverance and passion for their craft💖. It’s inspiring to see how they turned a challenging situation into an opportunity for growth and success📈. Their journey serves as a reminder that even in difficult times, it’s possible to rise above the challenges and make a positive impact on the community💡. They’re now planning to open a second stall at Bandar Indah by the end of this month (targeting Sept 2023)🗓️. The exact location will be confirmed later📍. If you live in that area, you’re in luck - they’re coming to you! Be sure to stop by and try their signature fried pork hor fun if you haven’t already😉. Enjoy~ 最近,我有幸与摊位的店主进行了交谈🗣️。他们分享了自己的旅程以及开展业务以来所经历的挑战和艰辛💼。2020年6月,在全球大流行病中😷,他们决定开设这个小摊位。这是一项艰巨的任务,尤其是考虑到大流行病带来的不确定环境。然而,他们以坚韧和决心直面这些挑战💪。尽管最初遇到了难关,但他们不仅成功维持了业务,并且在逆境中蓬勃发展💼。他们致力于提供优质食品和服务的决心并未被忽视👀。随着时间的推移,他们赢得了忠实的客户群,并在当地社区中赢得了声誉👥。 他们的故事证明了他们对自己工艺的坚持和热情💖。看到他们如何将充满挑战的情况转化为增长和成功的机会令人鼓舞📈。他们的旅程也提醒我们,即使在困难时期,也有可能克服挑战并对社区产生积极影响💡。如今他们正在计划本月底(预计2023年9月)在Bandar Indah开设第二个摊位🗓️。具体位置将稍后确认📍。如果你住在那个区域,你很幸运 - 他们即将来到您的区域!如果你还没有尝试过他们的招牌古早炸肉河粉,请一定要去尝试一下😉。尽情地享受吧~😊


+6016 812 6177啊爷古早炸肉河粉88 Foot Street, Bandar Tyng, 90000 Sandakan, Sabah


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