Homemade Croissant 🥐 + Pure Juice 🥤

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10 Sept 2023

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From the name of the cafe🍴, you would have guessed its signature offer is about juice🍹. However, it is more than that. The hard work💪 and passion❤️ for bakery🥐, pastry🧁 & culinary arts🍳 is the secret success for these dynamic duo Mr & Mrs Even. Their effort and dedication into their craft, and their love for what they do has helped them achieve success at a very young age👶. In just over a year, Souljuice has made a name for itself with its 100% fruit juice🍊, free of syrup or added sugar🍬. But their creativity doesn’t stop at juice. They’ve also crafted their own croissants🥐, filling them with a variety of options like tuna🐟, beef🐄, lamb🐑, chicken🐔, and grilled chicken sandwiches🥪. My first taste was the Grilled Chicken Croissant, and it was a delightful choice! The croissant and grilled chicken were both delicious😋, well-seasoned but not overly salty, and the portion size was generous. It made for a satisfying meal on my first visit. As for drinks☕️, I opted for hot chocolate🍫 as I prefer not to pair cold beverages with my meal. But rest assured, I will come back for their renowned juice during my next visit🚶‍♂️. 从咖啡馆的名字🍴,你会猜到它的招牌产品是果汁🍹。但它不仅仅是这样。这对活力的夫妇,Mr & Mrs Even充满对面包🥐、糕点🧁和烹饪艺术🍳的热情❤️。这也是他们成功的秘诀。他们对自己的手艺的努力和奉献,以及对自己所做事情的热爱,帮助他们在很年轻的时候就取得了成功👶。仅仅一年多,Souljuice就以其100%的水果汁🍊(不含糖浆或添加糖🍬)而闻名。 但他们的菜单并不止于果汁。他们还制作了自己的羊角面包🥐,里面填充了各种选择,如金枪鱼🐟、牛肉🐄、羊肉🐑和鸡肉🐔。我第一次品尝的是烤鸡羊角面包,这是一个明智的选择!羊角面包和烤鸡都很美味😋,调味适中但不过于咸,份量也很大。这让我在第一次造访时就吃了一顿满意的午餐。至于饮料☕️,我选择了热巧克力🍫,因为我不喜欢在用餐时喝冷饮料。但放心,我下次来访时会必定品尝他们著名的果汁🚶‍♂️。

Souljuice Bandar Indah

Souljuice (since Sept 2022)

In my conversation with Mr. Even🧔, I learned that he had spent some time working in Johor🌇 before returning to Sandakan🏠. Drawing from this experience, he and his wife👩‍❤️‍👨 made the decision to open their first cafe☕️ in Bandar Indah. Their primary aim is to provide a 100% fruit juice🍹 that surpasses the taste of syrup-based beverages🥤. In addition to this, they also serve other dishes such as Thai Style Fried Chicken🍗 and the much-loved Malaysian Nasi Lemak🍛 (note: they do not serve pork here❌🐷). While their menu may not be extensive, each dish is thoughtfully chosen and tailored to the tastes of the local community👨‍👩‍👧‍👦. With their strong work ethic💪, you can be assured of the quality they offer. If you’ve had the chance to try their food😋, I’m sure you’d agree with me. Their success is a testament to the culinary talent👩‍🍳 and delicious food🍲 that Sandakan has to offer. It certainly piques one’s curiosity😯 about what else they might introduce in the future. Keep up the good work!💪 在与Even先生🧔的谈话中,我了解到他曾在柔佛🌇工作过一段时间,然后回到山打根🏠。根据这些经验,他和他的妻子👩‍❤️‍👨决定在Bandar Indah开设他们的第一家咖啡馆☕️。他们的主要目标是提供一种超越糖浆饮料🥤口感的100%果汁🍹。除此之外,他们还提供其他菜肴,如泰式炸鸡🍗和备受喜爱的马来西亚椰浆饭🍛(注意:这里不提供猪肉❌🐷)。虽然他们的菜单不是很丰富,但每道菜都经过精心挑选,为当地社区👨‍👩‍👧‍👦量身定制。 凭借他们强大的职业操守💪,你可以放心他们所提供的质量以及品质。如果你有机会尝试过他们的食物😋,我相信你会同意我的看法。不仅如此,通过他们的榜样也证明了山打根拥有烹饪天赋的人才👩‍🍳以及美味的食物🍲。这无疑会激发人们对他们未来会推出的其它食品的好奇心😯。继续努力吧!年轻人!💪


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