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23 Nov 2023

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Sandakan may not be the first place that comes to your mind when you think of laksa, but there is a restaurant that will change your perception. 😍 Welcome to Soto and Laksa House, a humble eatery that serves some of the best laksa in town. 🍜 Located in Prima Square, this restaurant has a remarkable story of resilience and passion. 💪 It was founded by Mr Jeremiah and his wife in March 2020, just before the MCO was imposed in Malaysia. 😷 Despite the challenges of running a new business during a pandemic, they never gave up on their dream of sharing their love for laksa with the locals. 🙌 They worked hard to perfect their recipe, constantly seeking feedback from their customers and improving their taste and quality. 👍 Their efforts paid off, as they gradually gained a loyal following and a reputation for their delicious laksa. 🙌 Now, they are one of the most popular spots for lunch, often selling out before their closing time at 3:30 P.M. 🕞 当你在山打根时,你可能不会想要吃叻沙。但有一家餐厅会改变你的看法。😍 欢迎来到 Soto and Laksa House,这是一家简陋的餐馆,提供城里最好的叻沙。🍜 这家餐厅位于 Prima Square,有着一个关于坚韧和热情的非凡故事。💪 它是由 Jeremiah 先生和他的妻子于 2020 年 3 月创立,就在马来西亚实施行管令之前。😷 尽管在疫情期间经营新业务面临挑战,但他们从未放弃与当地人分享对叻沙的热爱的梦想。🙌 他们努力完善他们的配方,以及不断寻求顾客的反馈并提高他们的口味和质量。👍 他们的努力得到了回报,他们逐渐赢得了忠实的追随者和美味叻沙的声誉。🙌 现在,它们是最受欢迎的午餐地点之一,经常在下午 3:30 打烊前就卖完了。 🕞

Soto, Curry Laksa and Laksa 🍜

Soto & Laksa House (since 2020)

What makes their laksa so special? It is their unique blend of spices, coconut milk, and noodles that create a rich and flavorful broth. 😋 You can choose from three varieties: Soto, Curry Laksa, and Laksa. Soto is a traditional Indonesian soup made with broth, meat, and vegetables. 🥘 Curry Laksa is a slightly spicy version of the signature laksa. 🌶️ You can also customise your toppings, from chicken, wonton, and century egg, to fish ball, prawn ball, and beef mix. 🍗🥟🥚🐟🦐🥩 I have tried their laksa with chicken, wonton, and century egg, and I can say that it is one of the best I have ever had. 😍 The portion is generous, the price is reasonable, and the service is friendly and efficient. 👌 If you are a laksa lover, you should definitely give Soto and Laksa House a try. 🙏 They are open every day except Tuesday, from 7:00 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. 🕖 But be sure to go early, as they tend to run out of stock fast. 🏃‍♂️ And don’t forget to share your honest feedback with them, as they always appreciate hearing from their customers. 💬 They believe that improvement is the key to success, and they are always striving to make their laksa better and better. 🚀 Cheers! 🥂/n/n是什么让他们的叻沙如此特别? 他们将香料、椰奶和面条独特地混合在一起,创造出浓郁可口的肉汤。😋 三种口味可供选择:Soto, Curry Laksa, Laksa。Soto 是一种传统的印度尼西亚汤,由肉汤、肉和蔬菜制成。🥘 咖喱叻沙是招牌叻沙的微辣版本。🌶️您还可以定制您的配料,从鸡肉、馄饨、皮蛋到鱼丸、虾丸和牛肉混合。🍗🥟🥚🐟🦐🥩 我尝试过他们的叻沙配鸡肉、馄饨和皮蛋,我可以说这是我吃过的最好吃的叻沙之一。😍 分量足,价格合理,服务热情高效。👌如果你是叻沙爱好者,那么Soto and Laksa House绝对值得一试。🙏 除周二外,他们每天早上 7:00 开放。 至下午 3:30 🕖 但一定要早点去,因为他们往往很快就会缺货。🏃‍♂️ 并且不要忘记与他们分享您的诚实反馈,因为他们总是很高兴听到客户的意见。 💬 他们相信改进是成功的关键,他们一直努力让他们的叻沙变得越来越好。🚀 干杯!🥂


+6010 880 6310Soto And Laksa HouseLot 44-GF, Lorong Prima 2 (Beside Siang Siang Pan Mian | 香香版面的隔壁), Sandakan, Sabah


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