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3 Oct 2023

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Sabah is a place where afternoon tea(start from 3:30PM) is a tradition that has been passed down from our ancestors. ☕ They used to sip on some hot coffee or tea at the local kopitiam and enjoy various kinds of sweet treats. 🍰 Some of the desserts that you can find at the kopitiam are egg tart, UFO tart, cream puff, cake, and more. 🥧🍩🍪One of the most famous kopitiams in Sandakan is Sin Ming Hing Restaurant which has being operated since 1983. 🙌 They are known for their egg tart, which is a pastry with a crispy crust and a smooth, custardy filling. 😋😍 It is so delicious that you can’t stop at one. 🤤 You have to try it for yourself to believe it. Another dessert that I recommend is the Crispy Cream Puff, which is soft and fluffy with a creamy filling. 🍮👌 It melts in your mouth and leaves you wanting more. 😊Beside this, they also have other kinds of cakes, such as steamed cake, hawflake cake, buttercake, and more. 🍰 I love the steamed cake, which reminds me of my childhood. The Chinese people eat steamed cakes for different occasions, such as birthdays, weddings, and festivals. 🎂 One of the most common festivals that feature steamed cakes is the Mid-Autumn Festival, which falls on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month. 🌕 I have not tried all of their desserts, but if you are a first-time visitor, you should definitely try the egg tart, which is my favourite. 💯 It is so yummy 😋that I always order it whenever I go there. 🙌 Besides desserts, they also serve some local dishes such as Wat Tan Hor, which is flat rice noodles with egg gravy, laksa mee, which is noodles in a spicy coconut broth, and lo mee, which is noodles in a thick soy sauce. 🍜🍲🍝 These dishes are perfect for a hearty breakfast or lunch. 🍽 They are flavourful and satisfying. 😁 If you are still hungry after having desserts, you should try their lo mee, which I personally love. ❤ It tastes even better when you squeeze the key lime on it. 🍋 在沙巴,喝下午茶☕(下午3:30开始)是我们祖先传承下来的传统。 他们过去常常在当地的咖啡店喝热咖啡或茶以及享受各种甜食。 🍰 咖啡店里的甜品有蛋挞、飞碟挞(UFO Tart)、奶油泡芙、蛋糕等等。 🥧🍩🍪 山打根最著名的咖啡店之一是新民兴餐厅,自 1983 年开始营业。 🙌 他们以蛋挞而闻名,蛋挞是一种外皮酥脆、馅料顺滑的糕点。 😋😍 好吃到一口就停不下来。 🤤 你必须亲自尝试一下才能相信。 我推荐的另一道甜点是脆皮奶油泡芙,松软可口,里面是满满的奶油。咬在嘴里慢慢的融化,让您拾不得吃完它。 😊除了这个,他们还有其他种类的蛋糕,比如蒸蛋糕、山楂蛋糕、牛油蛋糕等等。 🍰我比较喜欢蒸糕,它让我想起了我的童年。 中国人有个文化就是在生日、婚礼、节日等不同场合吃蒸糕。 🎂 最常见的节日之一就是中秋节,农历八月十五。 🌕 我并没有尝试过他们所有的甜点,但如果你是第一次来,你一定要尝尝我最喜欢的蛋挞。 💯太好吃了😋每次去我都会点。 🙌那么除了甜点外,他们还提供一些当地菜肴,如滑蛋河、叻沙面和罗面。这些菜肴非常适合早餐或午餐。 🍽 它们味道鲜美且令人满意。😁 在此如果吃完甜点还饿的话,可以尝试一下他们的罗面,我个人很喜欢。 ❤ 挤上酸橙,味道更佳。

UFO Tart also available 🥧

Sin Ming Hing (since 1983)

I had the opportunity to meet the owner of Sin Ming Hing, Mr Roma. 🤝 He told me that he inherited the business from his parents, who started this restaurant in 1995 in the town area. 🏙 Back then, the town was the centre of commerce and development in Sandakan. 🚀 As time went by, more people moved to the upper area of Sandakan, and now Bandar Utama (or IJM as the locals call it) is one of the popular places to eat. 🍽 So Mr Roma decided to relocate his restaurant to Bandar Utama, which I think was a smart move. 👏 Sin Ming Hing is open every day except Tuesday from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. 🕗 Now people who lives nearby have another great place to enjoy their afternoon tea! 🎉 我有机会见到了新民兴的老板Roma先生。🤝他告诉我,他从父母那里继承了生意,他们于1995年在镇上开了这家餐厅。 🏙 当时,镇上是山打根的商业和发展中心。 🚀 随着时间的推移,越来越多的人搬到其它地方。现在Bandar Utama(当地人称之为IJM)是最受欢迎的吃饭地点之一。 🍽 所以Roma先生决定将他的餐厅搬迁到Bandar Utama,我认为这是一个明智的举动。 👏 新民兴除了周二外,每天营业时间是上午 8:00 至下午 5:00 。🕗对于住在附近的人们又多了一个享受下午茶的好地方!🎉


+6016 822 6188Sin Ming HingLot 16, Block B, Utara Place 1, Jalan Utara, IJM Batu 6, Sandakan, Sabah


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