A Lucky Find for Chinese Food & Seafood Lovers 🍜

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08 Oct 2023

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Rice Canteen is a lucky find in Sandakan that offers a wide range of delicious Chinese dishes and seafood. 🍜 I stumbled upon this restaurant by chance, as it is not very noticeable from the outside. It has black tinted windows that conceal its cosy and modern interior. 🏠 It is located next to another open-air Chinese restaurant, but Rice Canteen is different in many ways. It has a comfortable and clean environment, with air conditioning and no unpleasant odours. 🌬️ It can accommodate up to 50 customers at a time, and the service is fast and friendly. 😊The menu is impressive, with more than 150 options to choose from. 📜 They have local favourites like ayam penyet, tom yam, laksa, and more. 🌶️ They also have a variety of seafood dishes that can be customised according to the customer’s preference. 🐟 I decided to try their tomato soup with fish, squid, and yu fu, which was recommended by the staff. 🍲 I also ordered a teh nai bing to quench my thirst. 🥤 The food arrived quickly, and I was amazed by the generous portion and the mouthwatering presentation. 😍 The soup was rich and flavorful, the fish was tender and fresh, and the squid and yu fu were cooked to perfection. 😋 I enjoyed every bite of my meal, and I was satisfied with the quality and the taste. 👍 The best part was that the bill was only RM13, including the drink. 💸 They are having a promotion until the end of December 2023, so it is a great deal for such a wonderful dining experience. 💯 Rice Canteen 是山打根的一个幸运发现,提供各种美味的中式菜肴和海鲜。🍜 我偶然发现这家餐厅,因为从外面看起来不是很引人注目。它有黑色的窗户,隐藏着舒适而现代的内饰。🏠 位于另一家露天中餐厅旁边,但米食堂有很多不同之处。 环境舒适干净,有空调,没有难闻的气味。🌬️一次最多可容纳50位顾客,服务快速又友好。😊菜单令人印象深刻,有超过 150 个选项可供选择。📜他们有当地人的最爱,如 ayam penyet、tom yam、laksa 等等。🌶️他们还有各种海鲜菜肴,可以根据顾客的喜好定制。🐟我决定尝试一下他们的番茄汤,里面有鱼、鱿鱼和鱼芙,这是工作人员推荐的。🍲还点了一份奶茶解渴。🥤食物很快就到了,丰盛的份量和令人垂涎欲滴的摆盘让我感到惊讶。😍 汤汁浓郁,鱼肉鲜嫩,鱿鱼和鱼芙煮得恰到好处。😋每一口都很享受,质量和味道都让我很满意。👍 最棒的是,账单只要 RM13,包括饮料。 💸 他们正在进行促销活动,直到2023年2月为止,所以对于如此美妙的用餐体验来说,这是很划算的。💯

Special Offer Until Dec 2023

Rice Canteen (since Dec 2022)

I had a chance to chat with the owner of Rice Canteen, Mr Siow, who told me more about his restaurant. 🗣️ He started it in 2022 as a family business, and he specialises in seafood. 🦐 He said that he can source any type of fish that the customer requests, as long as they make an early booking and reservation. 📞 He also said that his restaurant is pork-free, so anyone can dine in with their Muslim friends. 🙏 He is a very kind and generous person, who always gives extra portions of meat and vegetables to kids or teenagers who visit his restaurant. 🥰 He reminds me of the old-fashioned restaurant owners who care about their customers and their community. 👏 I admire his spirit and his passion for his business. 🔥Rice Canteen is a place that I would highly recommend to anyone who loves Chinese food and seafood. 🙌 It has everything that you would want from a restaurant: great food, great service, great ambiance, and great value. 💫 It is a lucky find that deserves more recognition and appreciation. 🌟 If you haven’t tried it yet, you should hurry up and visit it before the promotion ends. 🏃‍♂️ You won’t regret it! 😉 我有机会与米食堂的老板萧先生聊天,他向我介绍了更多关于他的餐厅的信息。 🗣️他于2022年创办了一家家族企业,专营海鲜。🦐他说,只要顾客提早预订,他可以采购任何类型的鱼。 📞他还说他的餐厅没有猪肉,所以任何人都可以和穆斯林朋友一起用餐。🙏 他是一个非常善良和慷慨的人,他总是给光顾他餐厅的孩子或青少年额外的肉和蔬菜。 🥰 他让我想起那些关心顾客和社区的老式餐馆老板。👏我钦佩他的精神和他对事业的热情。🔥Rice Canteen是我强烈推荐给所有喜欢中餐和海鲜的人的地方。🙌 它拥有您想要从餐厅得到的一切:美味的食物、优质的服务、良好的氛围和物超所值。💫 这是一个幸运的发现,值得更多的认可和赞赏。 🌟如果你还没有尝试过,那就赶快在促销结束前前往吧。🏃‍♂️ 你不会后悔的!😉


+6011 162 8181Rice CanteenTaman Pertama, 90000 Sandakan, Sabah


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