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12 Sept 2023

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MyMee is a classic Chinese restaurant🥡 that has become a go-to spot for locals looking to enjoy a hearty breakfast🍳 or lunch🍽️. In the Chinese communities of Sandakan, noodles🍜 are a common breakfast choice, which explains the wide variety of delectable dishes available. MyMee stands out as a family-run establishment👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 that has been passed down through three generations, each contributing to the art of making spring noodles and their signature pork ribs. The pork ribs here have a unique, darker appearance compared to those found in dim sum cuisine, and offer a sweet and salty taste😋 that is definitely worth trying. Sandakan is renowned for its spring noodles, and MyMee is no exception. The first generation of MyMee was famous for producing and wholesaling spring noodles.Their century egg🥚 dumplings are another must-try, with a firm texture and a delicious filling of century egg, minced prawn🦐, and pork🐷. One bite releases a burst of flavours in your mouth😋. But the culinary journey doesn’t end there. MyMee also offers dishes like traditional soy sauce pork feet, spiced beef 🥩brisket noodles, dry mee noodles🍝, and more. For additional details, you can check out their Facebook Page📖 MyMee是一家经典的茶餐室🥡,成为当地人享用丰盛早餐🍳或午餐🍽️的首选地点。在山打根的华人社区,面条🍜是常见的早餐选择,这解释了为什么有如此多种美味的菜肴可供选择。MyMee以家族经营的餐馆👨‍👩‍👧‍👦而脱颖而出,已经传承了三代,每一代都为制作弹性面条和他们的招牌排骨贡献了一份力量。这里的排骨与点心菜肴中的排骨是不一样的、它有着较深的外观,以及提供了一种甜而咸香的口感😋,是顾客经常来这里用餐的主要原因之一。除此以外山打根以弹弓面而闻名,MyMee也不例外。MyMee的第一代是因为生产和批发弹弓面而闻名的。他们的皮蛋饺是另一个必试的美食,口感坚实,内馅由皮蛋🥚、虾蓉🦐和猪肉🐷制成。一口咬下,你就能感受到口中爆发出的满满的味道😋。但是,美食之旅并没有结束。MyMee还提供诸如古早酱油猪脚、五香牛腩面🥩、干捞面杂料🍝等菜肴。欲了解更多详情,您可以查看他们的Facebook面子书📖。

MyMee Taman Tshun Ngen

MyMee (since March 2008)

I recently had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Rogan Liew🧔, the co-founder of the restaurant🏢. During our conversation🗣️, he shared some insights into why their food🍲 is so beloved by customers💕. One of the key reasons, he explained, is their commitment to preserving traditional flavours🍜. This is achieved by preparing their dishes in a time-honoured and intricate manner⏳, which involves a significant amount of time and effort💪. The process of food preparation at their establishment is not a simple task😅. It requires a great deal of dedication and hard work💼, something that Mr. Liew and his team have been investing in for over a decade📅. Their perseverance in maintaining these traditional cooking methods has certainly paid off, as evidenced by the love and appreciation shown by their customers💖. If you ever find yourself in Sandakan🌴, I highly recommend paying a visit to their restaurant🍽️. Sandakan is often referred to as a ‘food heaven’😇, particularly for those who have a fondness for traditional Chinese cuisine🥟. The dishes offered by Mr. Liew’s restaurant are a testament to this reputation, providing an authentic taste experience that you wouldn’t want to miss😋. So, whether you’re a local resident or a visitor exploring the culinary delights of Sandakan🌏, make sure to add their restaurant to your must-visit list✅. Enjoy your meal and savour the rich flavours of traditional Chinese cuisine that they have painstakingly preserved👌. Enjoy~ 我最近有机会与餐厅的联合创始人Mr Rogan Liew🧔坐下来交谈。在我们的对话中🗣️,他分享了一些关于为什么他们的食物🍲如此受到客户的喜爱💕。他解释说,其中一个关键原因是他们致力于保留传统口味🍜。这是通过以一种历史悠久且复杂的方式准备他们的菜肴来实现的,这涉及大量的时间和努力💪。在他们的餐厅进行食物准备的过程并不是一项简单的任务😅。这需要大量的奉献和辛勤工作💼,这是Mr Rogan Liew和他的团队在过去十五年中一直在投入的东西📅。他们在保持这些传统烹饪方法上的坚持无疑已经取得了回报。 如果你有机会来到山打根,我强烈推荐你去他们的餐厅🍽️。山打根经常被称为‘美食天堂’😇,特别是对那些喜欢传统中餐🥟的人来说。所以,无论你是当地居民还是正在探索山打根美食之旅🌏的游客,都要确保地把MyMee餐厅加入到你必须访问的名单上✅。有机会就去品尝他们精心保存的传统古早口味👌,尽情享受吧~😊


+6019 873 3933RestaurantMyMeeLot 5, Mile, 5, Jalan Labuk, Taman Tshun Ngen, 90000 Sandakan, Sabah


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