Sandakan’s Most Cozy and Whimsical Cafe 🍔

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30 Sept 2023

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If you are looking for a hidden gem in Sandakan, you might want to check out MadBites Cafe. 🍽️ This cafe is not your typical western cuisine place. It has two unique features that will make your dining experience unforgettable. 🤩 On one side, you will find three cosy and spacious rooms named “Beehive”. These rooms can fit 3 to 5 people each, and they are perfect for a private and intimate gathering. 💑 You will need to take off your shoes before entering, but trust me, it’s worth it. 👣 On the other side, you will find the first 2D theme cafe in Sandakan. 🎨 This cafe has a stunning and whimsical decor that will make you feel like you are in a comic book. 📚 The black and white walls, furniture, and accessories create a striking contrast with the colourful food and drinks. 🌈 It’s a feast for the eyes and the palate. 😋 Speaking of food, MadBites Cafe specialises in burgers. 🍔 They have chicken, beef, lamb, seafood, and vegetarian options, all made with fresh and quality ingredients. 🥗 But don’t let the burgers distract you from their other dishes. I highly recommend the MadBites Chicken Grill and the Crispy Chicken Steak. 🍗 The MadBites Chicken Grill is a succulent and tender chicken breast marinated in a secret sauce that gives it a smoky and savoury flavour. 🔥 The Crispy Chicken Steak is a crunchy and juicy chicken cutlet served with two homemade sauces: BBQ and mushroom. 🍄 Both dishes are delicious and satisfying, and they come with a generous portion of fries and salad. 🍟 You won’t regret ordering them. 👍 如果您正在山打根寻找一间有特色的咖啡店,您应该去看看 MadBites Cafe。🍽️ 这家咖啡馆不是典型的西餐场所。 它有两个独特的特色。🤩 在一侧,您会发现三间舒适宽敞的房间,我称之为“蜂窝”。这些房间每间可容纳 3 至 5 人,非常适合举办儿童生日聚会。💑 不过进入之前您需要脱鞋以保持这里的舒适环境。但相信我,这是值得的。👣 另一边,你会发现这里是山打根第一家2D主题咖啡馆。🎨 这家咖啡馆拥有令人惊叹和异想天开的装饰,让您感觉自己身处漫画书中。📚 黑白墙壁、家具和配饰与色彩缤纷的食物和饮料形成鲜明对比。🌈 这是一场视觉和味觉的盛宴。😋 说到美食,MadBites Cafe 的特色是汉堡。🍔 他们有鸡肉、牛肉、羊肉、海鲜和素食可供选择,全部采用新鲜优质食材制成。🥗 但不要让汉堡分散您对其他菜肴的注意力。 我强烈推荐 MadBites Chicken Grill 和 Crispy Chicken Steak。🍗 MadBites Chicken Grill 是用秘制酱汁腌制的多汁嫩鸡胸肉,赋予其烟熏和咸味。🔥 脆皮鸡排是松脆多汁的鸡排,搭配两种自制酱汁:烧烤酱和蘑菇酱。🍄 这两道菜都很美味又令人满意,还配有分量十足的薯条和沙拉。🍟 您绝对不会后悔的!👍

MadBites Cafe (since July 2020)

Korean Fried Chicken 🍗

The best part about MadBites Cafe is the atmosphere. 🌟 It’s a calm and relaxing place where you can enjoy your food and conversation without any rush. 🕰️ The staff are polite and attentive, and the food is prepared quickly and efficiently. 👏 If you haven’t been there yet, you should give it a try. 🙌 The “Beehive” is especially great for kids, who will love having their own space and meal. 🧒 They have a kids menu too, with dishes like Korean Fried Chicken and French Fries Animal Style. 🍖 I haven’t tried them yet, but they sound tempting. 😍 Maybe next time I will. 🤞 Until then, I hope you will visit MadBites Cafe and see for yourself why it’s one of my favourite places in Sandakan. 🥰 Cheers! 🥂 MadBites Cafe 最好的部分是氛围。🌟 这是一个平静而放松的地方,您可以不慌不忙地享受美食和交谈。🕰️ 工作人员彬彬有礼、细心周到,食物准备得又快又高效。👏 如果您还没有去过那里,您应该尝试一下。🙌 “蜂窝”特别适合孩子们,他们会喜欢拥有自己的空间和食物。🧒 他们也有提供儿童菜单,包括韩国炸鸡和动物风格炸薯条等菜肴。🍖 虽然我还没有尝试过,但它们听起来很诱人。😍 下次我一定会尝试的。🤞 在那之前,我希望您能参观 MadBites 咖啡馆,亲眼看看为什么它是我在山打根最喜欢的地方之一。🥰 干杯! 🥂


+6016 688 5545MadBites CafeLot 82, Ground floor, Lorong Avenue 3, Bandar Utama, Mile 6, North Road, Sandakan, Sabah.


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