Sandakan’s New Dessert Destination 🍧

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20 Sept 2023

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Sandakan is a city that enjoys a tropical rainforest climate 🌴🌧️, which means that it has high temperatures and rainfall all year round. This makes it a great place to explore nature and wildlife 🐒🐘, but also a place where you might crave for something cold and refreshing ❄️🍹 to beat the heat. If you are looking for a place to indulge in some delicious desserts 🍰🍧, you should visit Happy Bing Drink House 😊🏠, a new dessert restaurant that opened its doors on 18 Feb 2023. Happy Bing Drink House specialises in various kinds of desserts, such as shaved ice, bingsu and fruit juice. Currently their most popular desserts are Avocado Pudding Longan Shaved Ice, Ais Kepal Milo Shaved Ice, Ice Jelly Special Shaved Ice, Bandung Cincau with Dragon Fruits Shaved Ice, Milk Pudding Shaved Ice, Milo Bingsu, and Rojak Fruits. These desserts are made with fresh fruits 🍓🍍 and natural flavours, giving them a refreshing and satisfying taste. You can also enjoy their homemade pudding, jelly and taro, which are soft, smooth and mouth-watering 😋. The Taro Special Shaved Ice at Happy Bing Drink House is a delightful and refreshing treat. It has a delicious mix of taro, red bean, cincau and longan, which complement each other perfectly. You will love this dessert if you try it 💕. 山打根是一座享有热带雨林气候的城市🌴🌧️,这意味着它常年高温多雨。 这使得它成为探索自然和野生动物的好地方🐒🐘,但也是您可能渴望吃点清凉解暑的地方❄️🍹。 如果您正在寻找一个品尝美味甜点的地方🍰🍧,那么您应该去Happy Bing Drink House😊🏠,这是一家于2023年2月18日开业的新甜品餐厅。Happy Bing Drink House专营各种甜点,例如刨冰 、韩式刨冰和鲜果汁。 目前他们最受欢迎的甜点是牛油果刨冰,特浓美禄刨冰,冰果冻特别刨冰,玫瑰浆仙草刨冰,椰奶布丁刨冰,美禄韩式刨冰以及水果啰吔。这些甜点采用新鲜水果🍓🍍和天然香料制成,口感清爽怡人。 你还可以品尝他们自制的布丁、果冻和芋圆,柔软、光滑、令人垂涎欲滴😋。Happy Bing Drink House 的芋圆特制刨冰是一种令人愉悦的清爽享受。 芋圆、红豆、仙草和龙眼的美味组合,相得益彰。 如果你尝试一下,你一定会喜欢这道甜点💕。

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Happy Bing Drink House (since Feb 2023)

Happy Bing Drink House is situated at Bandar Utama (IJM), a strategic and convenient location for anyone who needs a sweet escape 🚗🛣️. The restaurant offers a cosy and comfortable ambience, with air conditioning to beat the heat 💨❄️. The desserts at Happy Bing Drink House are affordable and worth every cent 💰💸, so you can indulge yourself without breaking the bank. You can have a relaxing and enjoyable time with your loved ones 💑👪, or even mingle with other dessert enthusiasts 🙋🙌. Happy Bing Drink House is a must-visit destination for dessert lovers, so don’t miss this chance to try their amazing creations. You will be glad you did 😁. Happy Bing Drink House 位于万达镇 (IJM),地理位置优越,交通便利,适合任何需要甜蜜度假的人🚗🛣️。 餐厅氛围温馨舒适,配有空调以消暑💨❄️。 Happy Bing Drink House的甜品价格实惠,物有所值💰💸,让您不用花太多钱就能尽情享受。 您可以与您所爱的人一起度过轻松愉快的时光💑👪,甚至与其他甜点爱好者交往🙋🙌。 Happy Bing Drink House 是甜点爱好者必去的地方, Happy Bing Drink House是爱吃甜品的你不容错过的地方,赶快来尝尝他们的创意吧。 你会很高兴的😁。


+6019 790 6723Happy Bing Drink HouseLot 63/64, Ground Floor, One Avenue 3, Mile 6, North Road, Bandar Utama, 90000 Sandakan, Sabah


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